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Description of Book 3, Atmosphere

One-hundred feet below the surface of the frozen Ross Sea, crushed between 200 feet of glacial ice and volcanic rock, lies the remains of an ancient flying saucer and the unidentifiable remains of its luckless pilot. U.S. Navy divers have been tasked in a top secret mission in the midst of Antarctic Winter to extract information from that crash site.
In this third and final book of the Jason Parker Trilogy, a Science Fiction Thriller series, the government scientists Jason Parker and Laura Smith join forces with an investigative reporter, a blind remote viewer, an Osage Marine from the Oklahoma Tzu Washtaki clan, a synesthete cosmologist, and a Troll named Truman to sort out the future of the world. In the midst of threats and squabbles between the U.S. and China, and conflicts both on and off planet, world survival concerns remain hidden. On Mars and its moons, Earth’s Polar Regions, and the deep sea off Taiwan and the U.S. East coast, the light side and dark side of U.S. Intelligence competes to gain advantage in a world where insidious genetic warfare may hold the upper hand. But like swords and plowshares, there are two sides to human genomics. Used properly, and in the right hands, it might be the solution to saving mankind.
The only question is, will it come in time?

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Atmosphere is author John Clarke at his best – writing authoritatively about science in a compelling narrative that weaves what we know with that which we are on the verge of knowing. In this, the final installment of the Jason Parker trilogy, Clarke gives us the third act of an end-of-the-world saga in which the question is not just survival, but transcendence; at stake is the next step forward in human evolution.

The characters feel like old friends, especially Jason and his elusive love interest Laura Smith, and the imagined interplanetary and geopolitical background of the novel seems oddly familiar. Clarke builds on a story arc first established by Middle Waters that shatters our everyday view of the reality to reveal the surprising and sometimes terrifying truth that lurks beneath. What began as an adventure about frog-like aliens hiding in the deep oceans now becomes a desperate attempt to save humanity with the help of extraterrestrial technology.

In Atmosphere, Clarke has tackled one of the biggest challenges facing a writer of science fiction – what is there new and surprising to say about the end of the world? – and succeeds brilliantly. —– Max McCoy, award-winning author and journalist. and writer of four licensed Indiana Jones adventures for Bantam.

Top notch hard science fiction well worth your time. Atmosphere is the third book in the Jason Parker Trilogy. The author, Dr. John Clarke, is a diving expert, not just scuba, but diving in all its fascinating variations. In this series, Clarke explores saturation diving, not just to the relatively shallow depths that are the daily venue for oil-rig divers – 500 to 1,000 ft deep, but many times that using exotic gas mixtures predominating in hydrogen. I am an experienced saturation diver, and I can tell you that Clarke knows his stuff. Beyond that, he is an excellent writer. His characters are well developed and charismatic, even the non-human ones, and he places them within a fascinating plot.

Clarke’s story backdrop is that humans have shared the planet with an alien species that has been here for a very long time. They know about us, but until Jason Parker, we really did not know about them. The first volume is about this discovery. The second is about the aliens leaving Earth for their own purposes. To get the most out of Atmosphere, you really need to read the first two books even though Atmosphere stands on its own.

Atmosphere is about Earth minus the aliens, but with some of their technology, and about what happens when Earth is hit with a near extinction level gamma-ray burst (GRB). The characters you come to know and care about, play significant roles throughout the series – especially Jason Parker and Laura Smith. Both are top-notch scientists, both are adept at “distance viewing,” and their individual and intertwined lives form the connecting link for the entire Trilogy. Clarke’s ingenious solution to continuing the human species despite the GRB will leave you astonished and breathless. He leaves the door open for further tales in this fascinating hard science fiction universe.

The Jason Parker Trilogy consisting of Middle Waters, Triangle, and Atmosphere, is top notch hard science fiction well worth your time. —- Robert G. Williscroft Author of The Starchild Trilogy

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