An Alien Saga

UFOs are real, but the aliens are not what you expect. Three techno-thrillers with UFOs, extraterrestrial aliens, deep sea diving, undersea habitats, space travel, geopolitical conflict, and romance. A trilogy written by a Navy scientist who “knows his stuff.”

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The Jason Parker series is written by a Navy Diving and Aviation Scientist.

John R. Clarke, Ph.D.
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When saving the world is not enough.

“In Atmosphere, Clarke has tackled one of the biggest challenges facing a writer of science fiction – what is there new and surprising to say about the end of the world? – and succeeds brilliantly.” — Max McCoy, award-winning author and journalist. and writer of four licensed Indiana Jones adventures for Bantam.

“It’s a satisfying trip for the mind that … nicely blends blazing adventure sci-fi with the more thoughtful, speculative variety pondering humankind’s destiny. An engaging wrap-up to a sci-fi series that manages to be apocalyptic, upbeat, intelligent, and pro–U.S. military.” — Kirkus Reviews

“…A race against time to save humanity not from an alien threat, but from itself.
Atmosphere is an accomplished work which places humanity at the center of the science fiction concept, and is a highly recommended read for serious fans of the genre.” — K.C. Finn, award winning author

Kudos to John Clarke for coming up with a science fiction novel that defies the imagination but feels so very real.” — Readers’ Favorites

“The Jason Parker Trilogy consisting of Middle Waters, Triangle, and Atmosphere, is top notch hard science fiction well worth your time.” — Robert G. Williscroft Author of The Starchild Trilogy

Atmosphere, the 3rd volume of the Jason Parker Trilogy, was competitively selected for inclusion in the above issue of Kirkus Reviews.
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Middle Waters – Volume 1 of the Jason Parker Trilogy

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“A techno science fiction thriller that is grounded in what we know of our physical world, yet explores our dreamtime fears about the nature of the alien unknowable. It’s part of a tradition that spans Jules Verne to James Cameron. It’s the story of a brilliant man, a scientist named Jason Parker, who confronts something that not only challenges his core beliefs, but threatens to destroy them.”

Triangle – Volume 2 of the Jason Parker Trilogy

Superpowers race to recover alien technology. Russians retrieve a UFO in Lake Baikal, and the U.S. Navy orders saturation divers to risk everything to salvage a spacecraft that may not exist. Jason Parker must ensure the divers’ safe return; the balance of world power depends on mission success, a blind remote viewer, and a Troll named Truman.

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